Father Anubis'

By commissioning me you agreeing to these terms.

Can / Cannot

I can draw . . .

  • Anthros

  • Ponies/Unicorns/Horses/MLP (Anthro/Feral)

  • Octopi (chibi only)

  • Dragons

  • Furries (canine/feline/sharks)

  • Humans (Chibi to Halfbody)

  • Ferals

  • Feathered/Demon Wings

  • Males and Females

I cannot draw . . .

  • Mecha/Machines

  • Bird feet

  • Guns

  • Older characters (wrinkles, slouched posture, etc.)

Father Anubis'


Please make sure to press the images to view them closer.
Coloring or Line art are both completely opt.


PriceColored (simple OCs)Colored (Complex)

Half Body

PriceColored (simple OCs)Colored (Complex)

Full Body

PriceColored (simple OCs)Colored (Complex)

Ref Sheets / Customs


MISCS./ Extra

  • Complex Backgrounds

$5 per 30 mins

  • Doodle Page/Sheet

$15 Sketch + $3 per 30 mins messy coloring + No lineart + 2000x1500 Canvas

$25 Sketch + $5 per 30 mins rendered coloring + Clean Lineart + 2500+x1950+ Canvas

Doodle sheet typically includes much more poses varying on how much I can fit on the canvas.

  • NSFW Comms

Any NSFW Comms must be at least the age of 18+
This includes the commissioner(s) and OC(s).
If I feel as though you are underaged, your request will be denied and you will be blacklisted until of age (with proof).
Prices stay the same for NSFW Comms.

Father Anubis'

Work Process

1. Once we've gained all the info about your commission request, I will then start with the sketch.
2. You have the option to ask for frequent updates. If not, once i'm done with the sketch you may request me to fix the sketch to your liking.
HALF of payment is required after sketch has been modified to one's liking.
3. Once I've recieved the payment, I will then start on cleaning up the sketch.

4. I will then color your character and set up a timer while doing so. I will press "lap" depending on which coloring stage I'm on.
Ex; Flats, Shading/Render, Coloring clothes, etc.
5. Once completed I will send you a screenshot of how long the coloring took, and give you your total.
6. Once payment has been sent, I will send you the finished product with a small watermark.

Terms of Service

  1. Do not claim the custom character designs I made for you as "your art." In result, you will be blacklisted.

  2. If the owner of the custom character design gifted/sold/traded the character away to a black-listed person, or they are breaking the rules of my T.O.S. I have the right to take that design away from them.

  3. Payment is expected after the sketch was sent if there are no desires to edit the sketch/done editing the sketch to one's liking.

  4. Payment is done through PayPal/CashApp, using USD ($) as the currency

  5. If you pull out of a bid or do not pay after viewing/editing the sketch you will be blacklisted.

  6. Cancelling the commission before viewing the sketch, and/or dropping the product allows me to give you 100% refund. After reviewing the sketch and paying, refund will be not available.

  7. "Ghosting" me at any point, besides paying your entire payment and recieve the finished product will result in blacklisting.

  8. I have the right to decline your commission or discontinue a commission at any time.

  9. The complexity of the subject might affect the final price.

  10. A colored piece might affect the final price.

  11. Profiting off of a gifted, art trade, “free,” custom/adopt is not allowed unless there is added art via $$ commission. Personal art does NOT count.

  12. You are allowed to water mark my finished piece you've paid/been gifted. However if you erase my water mark, replace it, and/or cover my water mark the piece will be taken from you and you shall be black listed. If you plan to cover it, at least lower its opacity.

  13. If you have the audacity to commission me and then proceed to say hurtful things about my masterpiece or prices, you will be blacklisted to avoid drama if this were to happen again.

Father Anubis'

Open YCHs

Any interests or questions about these YCHs, do message me about it!

Heart Icon

  • $3 flat (includes coloring)

  • Additional $2 for complex OCs

  • Slots: Unlimited

You are mine, I am yours

- May purchase more than 1 slot
- Will change YCH according to your OC
- Payment via Paypal / CashApp
2 Styles: Wiggle Lines or Refined Lines

  • $2 for 1

  • Only includes SKETCH (No lineart)

  • Coloring is optional... flat $1 ... $2 for complex designs

Small REF

Flat price: $10
Additional stuff will be $5+
Offer to claim: Customs>OCs>Art>
(Money will count as add on if you’re offering.)
- Will change YCH accordingly to OC
- Will include headshot, color palette, full body, custom name, background color choice, etc
- MALES or masculine Females only.
- Payment via CashApp [Currently only]

Father Anubis'
Black - List

  • VintageGhost#7191 - Very Offensive

  • Jax#3000 - Ghosted, blocked for no reason

  • Shrimp#2811 - Ghosted, blocked for no reason

  • alleycat#5484 / euthanasia on TH - Blocked for no reason

  • ghost.#6682 - Violating TOS #11

Art Trade Rules

  • I will not progress the art trade unless I see that you're progressing your piece as well.

  • Unwillingly to send wips of sorts etc. I will call off the trade to avoid scams and wasting my time.

  • If you want to see wips, please ask.

  • The effort you're willing to put, is the effort you'll recieve.

  • Send a flower emoji as acknowledgement that you've read this.

  • Asking me to send more wips, though you haven't sent any, I will not until you have.

  • For custom designs, you are not allowed to resell unless there is USD/$$ added art comms. (not including your art)